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Magento 2 Upgrades
v1.9 to v2.3.3
(added October 8, 2019)

Magento 2 Digital Commerce - Your platform for growth

Magento Design & Customisation

GB Reg are here and waiting to assist you in the development of your Magento E-Commerce site, we can offer truly custom features which are tailored to your business often utilising already purchased 'off the shelf' extensions.

We have many years of experience, site building from the ground up, customisation and upgrades. We offer a first class service at very competitive rates with a choice for full management, we have many customers large and small who take this option to allow them to concentrate on managing their own business and creating more sales.

Examples of our previous Customisations

  • Online Store Built using the Magento software
  • Import to Magento from other E-Commerce software
  • Magento Theme Design
  • Theme customisation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Magento Module Installation
  • Username system integration
  • Customer Import from outside Database
  • Online System to update Customers
  • And many others!

As a first step, please CONTACT US to send us your requirements and we will advise and send you a quotation.

Magento Specialist & Optimised Hosting

GB Reg provides specialist hosting services for users of Magento Community Edition, across our Shared Servers, Virtual and Dedicated Server platforms.

We have considerable knowledge and experience of Magento and can personally assist you in ensuring that your site is hosted correctly. In addition, our customers on our Shared Hosting platform can easily install the latest or previous versions of Magento from their hosting control panel in a couple of minutes. The database is automatically created and all settings and installation directory provided at the time of install.

For those with larger stores, we strongly recommend our VPS (Virtual servers), Hybrid Servers or Dedicated Server depending on your store requirements. In this case we will provide you with the the best advice on which platform is best for you, please contact us below to discuss, we will be happy to install Magento for you Free of charge after your server choice and installation.

We have selected an excellent package from our Cloud Based Shared Hosting range to support your Magento Store.

As a first step, please CONTACT US to send us your requirements and we will advise and send you a quotation.

Magento Professional Upgrades

Upgrading can be a problem for many reasons, especially when many extensions have been installed. Each upgrade between versions is carried out in a different way, there needs to be an appreciable knowledge of each version and attempting an upgrade could mean data loss and loss of time and business.

The GB Reg Magento Development team will carry out your proposed upgrade(s) for you. Our Magento upgrades are carried out initially in a development environment to ensure that the upgrade will be successful using a complete mirror of your live site. Third party extensions will be disabled before the upgrade.
We will then upgrade the development site to the requested version. Please note that you must ensure you have the theme and extensions for the new version otherwise they will not be installed. We will then invite you to a preview on our own servers, on your acceptance we will then upgrade your live site at a convenient time for you.

We do not offer any development, theme modification, or custom code debugging services as part of the upgrades, however this can be carried out as part of a separate request using our Magento Customisation services. Our Magento upgrade service is available at a mutually agreed time, we are willing to carry out this work in our test environment and then the live upgrade out of working and operational working hours at night and weekends.

Upgrades from only £350 + vat (to Magento 1 only).

Expertise matters

At GB Reg we are highly experienced in Upgrading Magento, we have a dedicated & highly expert Magento team to carry out the upgrade for you.

0% Downtime

Your site is never down neither your business. We run a your site in a dedicated test area to check all possible complications before implementation.

No Data Loss

All your data is absolutely safe during the upgradation. We take a back up of database and then perform the operation in a TEST environment first and never on a live site.

Proactive Service

Right from the testing to implementation, we are always there to make sure the upgrade is a hassle free process. We exist but to serve you.

Bug Fixes

Our team will thoroughly check the bugs in the system and fix it to improve the website's operation. We don't stop till we clear every one of them.

Support when you need it

Our journey doesn't end at the implementation. If you experience any issues afterwards, we are still reachable to resolve your problems.


Magento Enquiry

Customisation / Upgrades

We guarantee the best possible solution for you and look forward to working with you.

Please use this form to enquire for Custom work to Magento versions 1 or 2 and for Magento upgrades. Also kindly supply the number of products, list of extensions and URL of your existing store.

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